The Board of Directors is made up entirely of neighborhood volunteers and they spend a lot of unpaid hours (and personal money) behind the scenes looking out for your safety, property values, and enjoyment.  Please thank them the next time you see them.

Ben KuPresident — Ben Ku

Ben stepped up to help in 2016 when the reserves were depleted and there was talk of dismantling the HOA.  By working with the other board members, and lots of hours developing resources, we’ve been able to build the reserves every year since. Ben is a veritable renaissance man but primarily focuses on creating software application solutions (like this website).  He is also our Gwinnett County Commissioner!

Jayne RauserSecretary — Jayne Rauser

Jayne lives on Arlington Dr. with her wife, Betsy and their loving dog, Jackson. Their family has lived happily in Smoketree since 1996 and they love all of their neighbors! Jayne has enjoyed helping out in the neighborhood, whenever possible, and since she is now retired, is happy to step up and take on the board position of Secretary.

Troy JordanTreasurer — Troy Jordan

Troy has been a Smoketree resident for 26 years with his wife Anne-Marie, and sons Cole and Luke.  As a software architect, he has a great eye for detail and has done a great job managing our financials and making sure we’re adding to the reserves instead of depleting them.

Andrea CookseyCo-Treasurer — Andrea Cooksey

Although not technically part of Smoketree, Andrea and her husband Mike are the champions for our pool!  They have put in many many hours into making sure the pool is fit for use so please thank them if you see them around.

Sarah KenyonSignal editor — Sarah Kenyon

Sarah and her husband Azar purchased their first Smoketree home in 2017. Sarah is a stay at home mom to two girls and loves learning, listening to podcasts, cooking, and DIY projects.

Frank BadiaSocial Chair — Frank Badia

Frank moved into the Smoketree Subdivision in 2019. He is very motivated to meet his neighbors and become part of the community. He decided to become part of the HOA board with the intent to develop some activities that would bring our community closer together.

Larry GauseMember — Larry Gause

Larry lives on Parkside Way with his wife, Annette, and their two daughters, Hannah and Katelyn. Their family has lived in Smoketree for 19 years. Larry has been working hard for years with Mike Cooksey to keep the pool and grounds clean and beautiful!

Jeremy CoxMember At Large — Jeremy Cox

Jeremy, Ruth and their five kids have lived around the corner in Galilee West for the last 10 years, and discovered the joys of summers at the Smoketree pool a few years ago. Jeremy is an electrical engineer, basketball player, and avid reader, and ready to help out with anything that needs wires or electricity to run.

We have plenty of board positions open, so please let us know if you want to get involved!

Community Leaders

Davida BakerDavida Baker

Born on a cold and rainy morning, Davida has been here since the earth’s crust was cooling and only a dozen homes had been built. She has held every position on the boards over the years and is convinced laughter is the best exercise. She graciously opens her home for our board meetings and is a wealth of institutional knowledge and able to get things done.

Additional Resources for Board use can be found here.