The Board of Directors is made up entirely of neighborhood volunteers and they spend a lot of unpaid hours (and personal money) behind the scenes looking out for your safety, property values, and enjoyment.  Please thank them the next time you see them.

President — Jessica Arrazola

I moved into the neighborhood during the Fall of 2015 after my husband and I were engaged.  However, I didn’t start to really get to know some of our neighbors until this year once we got a puppy.  Our beagle, Roxie, has helped introduce us to many of our neighbors, which has led me to want to serve on the board as President or Vice President.  As a board member, I would like to see an increase in engagement through activities and membership where we can build relationships with our neighbors.  Serving on the Smoketree HOA board would be a way for me to serve my community.

Andrea CookseyTreasurer — Andrea Cooksey

Although not technically part of Smoketree, Andrea and her husband Mike are the champions for our pool!  They have put in many many hours into making sure the pool is fit for use so please thank them if you see them around.

Trista KimberSecretary — Trista Kimber

Trista has lived in Smoketree for 5 years with her husband, Nick and their two children, Lizzy and Ethan.  Trista has been employed with HOA Restaurant Group for the past 18 years. Trista became involved with the Smoketree Homeowners’ Association by taking on the role of C.O.P.S. liaison.

Ben KuMember At Large — Ben Ku

Ben stepped up to fill the hole that was left in 2016 when Don Lamken had to step down for health reasons. Ben is a veritable jack-of-all-trades but primarily focuses on creating software application solutions (like this website).

Troy JordanVice President — Troy Jordan

Troy has been a Smoketree resident for 24 years with his wife Anne-Marie, and sons Cole and Luke.  As a software architect, he has a great eye for detail and is helping keep the membership in check.

Community Leaders

Cindy PetersielSignal Editor — Cindy Petersiel

Next time you see Cindy, poke her and tell her to send in a bio!  She’s probably too busy gathering articles and putting together the Signal newsletter!

Betsy KiddBetsy Kidd — Grounds & Tennis Chair

Betsy moved to Smoketree in 1996 after a thorough investigation and finding out how special this neighborhood was. She’s still here because of the special people that live here. Betsy lives with her wife, Jayne Rauser, and canine Jackson Creek Kidd.

Ashleigh Hally — Signal Co-Editor & Block Captain Coordinator

Ashleigh and her husband Patrick moved to Smoketree in 1997 when their friends Eliesh and James Lane told them how wonderful the neighborhood was. 21 years later, they are still loving their “starter” house and can’t see living anywhere else.  They have three daughters and a dog quite spry for his age.  Ashleigh loves reading and writing, and her jobs have all revolved around her love of words. Ashleigh has been SHOA secretary, member-at-large, organized her fair share of social events and has edited the Signal for 11 years.  Her goal is to convey information in an engaging fashion that makes people want to be involved in their neighborhood and the larger community around them.



Additional Resources for Board use can be found here.