Why live in Smoketree?  Well, a neighborhood kid has a very reasonable answer to why.  As a matter of fact, he wrote an essay for school on why it’s so great of a neighborhood!  Read for yourself:

Move to Smoketree!

By Graeme Lane, 3rd grader, Georgia Virtual Academy

I live in a neighborhood called Smoketree.  If you are looking for a place to live, Smoketree is the place.  It is a beautiful neighborhood.  The other neighbors make you feel like family.  Finally, it has community spirit.

For instance, blazing red and orange leaves decorate trees in autumn.  We have a lake called Merritt Lake.  It has lots of fish, turtles, geese and even a blue heron.  Beautiful trees and flowers bloom during spring. Some of those trees are bright pink smoketrees.  That is what our neighborhood is named after!

Besides being a beautiful place to live, neighbors take care of each other.  We make meals for moms with new babies and for sick neighbors.  Kids of all ages play together outside.  We also have family holiday events like a Halloween parade, Easter egg hunt and a New Years’ bonfire.  Women have Bunco and men have Guys’ Night Out.  All this makes you feel like a big family.

A third reason Smoketree is a great place to live is community spirit.  Neighbors bake cookies for our local police station.  At Christmas, kids make little gift packages for poor kids who live at hotels.  Last year, we filled coffee mugs with candy, hot cocoa, and tree decorations for them.  We also have garden tours and holiday home tours to raise money to improve the neighborhood.  During the year, neighbors volunteer for lake and entryway clean-up days.  Community spirit in fun in Smoketree.

Together, all these things make Smoketree a great neighborhood to live in.  When you buy a house in Smoketree, you are not just buying a house, you are buying a neighborhood!

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