In the interest of neighborhood security and safety, we have set up an announce list for all our neighbors (members and non-members) for important announcements and emergency use.  If you’re in the Smoketree neighborhood or nearby, even if you’re not a member, please join the group and set the email options to All Emails (we promise to limit the number of emails so this should not be overwhelming or annoying).  We have added everyone we know of to this announce list but please tell your neighbors and family members they can join the announce list here:

You should continue to use the members-only group below for vendor recommendations, yard sales, discussions, etc., but the announce list would be appropriate for suspicious activity, break-ins, fires, or lost/found pets and can be posted to by sending an email to [email protected].  Please use this only for emergencies as this list is moderated and is available to the public on our website.

Members Only

We have a very active discussion group going back 12 years that is exclusive to SSRC members.  It has yard sale announcements, free giveaways, vendor recommendations, and more! We will add you automatically when you pay your membership dues or you can request to join here:

If you’re a member, you can email the group at [email protected].

You can set your delivery preferences to only get daily or 25 email digests or manually check it on the web.

If you’re a Facebook junkie, you may be interested in the Hunters Walk/Smoketree Neighborhood Group our our Facebook page.

For vendor recommendations, you may want to join our Nextdoor Neighborhood.

To discuss wider Tucker news, Tucker Town Talk is a very active Facebook group you may wish to join.