Get Involved

There’s a bajillion things that need doing and the board can use all the help we can get!  If you have particular interests or skills, let us know and we’ll be happy to put you to work!

Here is the old Honey Do List:

As with any neighborhood, there are things that need to be done to keep the amenities we have fully functional, useful, as well as attractive to new home buyers. The HOA has identified several items that need to be addressed. To see a list of these items as well as contact your neighbors that have taken the responsibility of gathering resources and people, take a look at the HOA “Honeydo list”.

Cabana Paint the red portions of the structure
Cabana Clear the area by the cement pad on the right side of the Cabana of overgrowth
Cabana Replace Roof shingles that have been damaged
Cabana Paint the red picnic tables
Dock Replace the dock railing
Dock Marrett Lake shore clean up day
Dock Replace/rebuild the benches
Entryways Entryway clean up day including pruning and weeding ongoing
Entryways Planting seasonal colors such as pansies in winter ongoing
Playground Re-set the support posts for the swing sets
Playground Cut down the dead pine tree
Playground Move the slide to a safer location away from the hill  
Playground Clear brush and overgrowth from the area ongoing
Pool Paint the pump house  
Pool Clear ivy and overgrowth from the back of the pool by the brick wall ongoing
Tennis Court Replace or rebuild deck railings/seating area
Tennis Court Clear overgrowth surrounding the courts ongoing